Here at Velvet Honey we make beautiful clothes and jewelry that you will want to wear every day. Clothes with a message and jewelry made of agates and gemstones for unique purposes.
We make pieces that will start a conversation or be a reminder just for you, so that you live with intention. We want to help people not only be fashionable, beautiful, and confident but to live purposefully doing what God made you, specifically, to do. 
My sister and I have matching tattoos on our arms, in our mothers handwriting, from Esther 4:14 that says “Perhaps this is the moment for which you have been created” It is our reminder, right there on our arms that we see every day, that everything counts.
Annaliese and Alexandra both started in the service/beauty industry. We have always had a passion for making people look and feel there best. We love to serve God by taking care of people but so often it was silently because you’re not supposed to talk about faith while providing a service. We both felt a need to find a way to do something we loved while serving God’s kingdom. We now feel free to shine our light for all to see and shout Gods love and truth from the roof tops. Our goal is that God will use Velvet Honey to provide love, hope and healing to people, to all people.
Made with love in Minnetonka, MN