Must Haves

Must Haves

Hello Ladies! This week we thought we’d shake things up a little on the blog and talk about our top three must haves. Each of us has a unique lifestyle and routine, so we thought it’d be a good way for you to see how versatile our pieces can be.



Love Them Anyway Hoodie

This hoodie is SO soft!! I live in cozy clothes. This is easy to style as an oversized hoodie or to throw on for the campfire, errands etc. I love wearing pieces that are made with purpose and prayer and remind me to share god’s grace.

Paper Clip, Snake Chain, and Cross Bar Necklaces

My favorite necklaces would have to be between the paper clip necklace, the dainty snake chain, or the crystal cross bar!! I love them separate or together layered!

Huggie Hoop Earrings

My last favorite is the Huggie hoop earrings! These are super lightweight and easy to pair with everything. The gold is super shiny and elevates my style! 




The Pray. Love. Repeat Tee

Between mom life, working from home, and blogging this oversized t-shirt is perfect for me! I can throw this on for daycare drop off with some biker shorts and jewelry, or wear this to lounge around the house while I work!

Crystal Cross Necklace

I think this piece is so unique. It’s such a beautiful take on a cross necklace which serves as a daily reminder of the sacrifice that was made for each of us. I like that I can wear it alone or stack it with other pieces, it’s so versatile!

Dainty Snake Chain Necklace

I’m constantly chasing after my 16-month-old and this is so light weight I forget I have it on! I love that I can throw it on in the morning and it instantly elevates anything I put on. I don’t know about you guys, but during the pandemic I got pretty used to being jewelry free, so this has been a great way to look pulled together, but still be comfortable.




Okay, this was a hard choice for me. I made every piece with love and intention, and I love every thing! But, I decided to pick my every day basics that allow me to add on various pieces depending on the event and my mood.

Dainty Snake Chain

I wear this every day! It’s easy to throw on and I can't even tell I’m wearing it! I like to pair it with the circle agate necklace for an extra sparkle!

White Agate Bracelet and White Cross Bracelet

I love the two bracelets together. I am currently on a leave from work and wearing these two bracelets remind me to focus on my journey of healing and my relationship with the Lord.

We hope that you love these pieces as much as we do.
At Velvet Honey we want to continue to make beautiful clothes and jewelry that you want to wear every day. Clothes with a message and jewelry made for unique purposes.
We hope that the pieces start a conversation or be a reminder just for you, so that you live with intention. We want to help you not only be fashionable, beautiful, and confident but to live purposefully doing what God made you, specifically, to do.



“Perhaps this is the moment for which you have been created”
Esther 4:14

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